Adolescent anxiety


The process of growing from a child into an adult is accompanied by huge physical and emotional changes. As it occurs between the ages of 10 – 19 it usually comes at a time when there are lots of tests and exams in schools and people are trying to make choices that will influence and affect their future.

These changes can be accompanied by mood swings, oversensitivity and lack of self confidence. At this vulnerable time, teenagers need support and understanding but often shun the people who are trying to give it as they begin to seek their independence.

Sometimes, adolescents become anxious and worried or depressed at this time and parents do not know what to do to help. Indeed, your child may shun your well meant advice and seek advice from their peers instead.

This is usually a healthy (although sometimes difficult) transition. However, if you feel that your child would benefit from counselling and they are in agreement with this, please contact me to make an appointment.

I have experience of counselling children and young adults. Whilst counselling is often known as a talking therapy, sometimes, young people cannot find the words to express their feelings or thoughts; they might be too uncomfortable or confusing. If this is the case, I offer children and young adults a confidential, safe place where we may work creatively to access their emotions, so that they can be acknowledged and explored.

If your child is under 16, I ask that you attend with them for their initial appointment.


Everybody in the world was once a child. We grow up; our personalities change, but in every one of us something remains of our childhood. 

Walt Disney