Therapeutic Reflection

Life throws us many challenges and this often affects our working lives. If you have experienced a traumatic event at work or the death of a colleague, I offer a 3 hour workshop for up to 15 people where I will facilitate a safe, informal therapeutic reflection. I will come to your work place. I need access to a private room, suitable for the numbers involved. Ideally, this should be spacious enough for them to have room to get up, stretch and move around.

I have a BSc (Hons) in Reflective Therapeutic Practice and a Certificate in Education and Training. I have many years of experience of working with grieving clients and also have a special interest in trauma and how this affects the mind and body. I am passionate about psychoeducation and am involved with delivering workshops in a variety of settings.

Try workshop includes the following:-

The impact of a traumatic event on the mind and body – whether this is by direct or vicarious experience.

What is grief? An exploration of how grief affects our lives.

Lead a therapeutic reflection and informal discussion. People can talk and ask questions if they wish, but are not expected to.

The importance of self compassion and self care.

Self-care strategies.

A delegate pack per client to take away.

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